12 June, 2010

So, my mad posting of everything under the sun is basically a waste of time.  What would not be a waste of time?  Well, using this as a place to think about style - to figure out what I like and why I like it - would be a more worthy use of my time.  If thinking about anything so silly as style is worth anyone's time.  If I allowed myself emoticons, I would put a wry simile there.  From now on, if something is deemed worthy of posting, it must be accompanied by an explanation of why it is worthy.  So there.

06 June, 2010

This is glamour to me.
Jennifer Connelly, on the left, photographed for Vogue. I don't adore the dress, but the spirit is right.  And, heck, it's a great picture.
Carey Mulligan on the right.  I probably wouldn't have the guts (or, let's be honest - the money) to wear it, but wow. That's some dress.