16 June, 2010

I'm trying to figure out what I would really, really feel comfortable wearing.  I love the chic polish of the Hitchcock blondes, but I'm never comfortable when I feel over-dressed.  I like the grubbiness of grunge, but it makes me feel slobby, and I'm not thin enough to pass it off.  So what would really, really make me feel comfortable?  I've been puzzling it over, and I think I've semi-figured it out.
I want to be the heroine.  You know what I mean?  Clothes you can adventure in.  They might not be the hugely fashionable thing, but you can live in them.
This movie is a little... but, anyways, KD looks and behaves the way I mean:
Her jacket comes on and off, she spends the whole day just running around, and looks totally unconscious of what she's wearing.  I know it's a movie, but the spirit is right.  I'm looking for a sort of loose, sixties feel.  Happy and light and careless.  I'm not sure what the clothes to get this feel would actually be, but I think knowing this will help.
 I know what my clothes must not be, though. Nothing I have to layer or be always adjusting.  Nothing too expensive, because feeling free and careless in expensive clothing is almost impossible.  Everything well-fitted and flattering, so I feel confident that I look my best and can think no more about it.
How nice does that sound?
Pretty darn nice, I think.
Next day: found this on the Terrier and the Lobster and it's go the feel I want, too -
J Crew ad, Roman Holdiay, 2008

14 June, 2010

Natalie Portman

13 June, 2010

Coco Rocha.  I'm pretty darn sure this was taken for a feature on Pat McGrath.  She did the makeup for that lovely Dutch masters Louis Vuitton collection.