29 May, 2010


funny fairy-tale.

let's be silly and girly and just run away from boring adult-ness as fast as we can.
One of my favorite pictures ever.

Coco Avant Chanel

I'm dying for a pair of pajamas like these. 


I think I like her clothes in Charade more than her Breakfast at Tiffany's wardrobe.  And this also might be my favorite of her films.
Possibly because Cary Grant Cary Grant Cary Grant is in it too. Possibly 

Style book of yesteryear.

A couple of years ago, I put together a book of clippings from magazines. They make me laugh a bit.

27 May, 2010

She and Him. (more mass hard drive clearing out)

She's so adorable.
What a dress.  I like looking at these pictures more than any film stills - they show her real style. 
And, probably my very favorite of all:
That cardigan. My gosh.

Teen Vogue has it's moments, doesn't it?

Another favorite pic, for some reason.

The New Romantics - Ali Michaels in Teen Vogue

And, one of my favorite pictures of all time:

26 May, 2010

One of my all-time favorites. 

25 May, 2010

Marilyn Monroe

Makes me feel like curves are okay.  
After watching her movies, I don't feel like I NEED to go on a diet RIGHT NOW. (the way, for instance, I feel after watching Audrey Hepburn.)
And, gee whiz, she's funny.

KK - Greatest Hits (also known as I Must Delete Stuff Off the Hard Drive)

I am a Keira Knightley fan. I don't care what anyone thinks or says, I think she's cool and a fine actress.  I relate more to her style than to anyone else's in Hollywood - perhaps now competing with Carey Mulligan - and she's been a favorite for years. 
Keira Knightley wore this to the Laurence Olivier awards - or a dinner for it or something - I believe.
More premier or awards outfits.  I think the Rodarte was for King Arthur, and the green one for some people's choice or something.
One of my favorites - for The Edge of Love, I would imagine.  Atonement - and one of my very favorite of her looks - clothes and make-up.  Great dress - I think Chanel, and she's got spangle things in her hair.
The one on the right, I think, was taken after a performance of The Misanthrope.  I can't believe I spelled that right. 
I'm sorry they're photographed so often - I feel bad posting paparazzi pictures.  But...
A top, top favorite.  Super cool.  And love the bag on the right.  All of it on the right, actually.
Some other favorites.  Top ten for sure. 
I wish I could convince myself that a pair of sailor pants would suit me. 
And perhaps my absolute favorite:
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME dress.  I mean, gosh.