25 May, 2010

KK - Greatest Hits (also known as I Must Delete Stuff Off the Hard Drive)

I am a Keira Knightley fan. I don't care what anyone thinks or says, I think she's cool and a fine actress.  I relate more to her style than to anyone else's in Hollywood - perhaps now competing with Carey Mulligan - and she's been a favorite for years. 
Keira Knightley wore this to the Laurence Olivier awards - or a dinner for it or something - I believe.
More premier or awards outfits.  I think the Rodarte was for King Arthur, and the green one for some people's choice or something.
One of my favorites - for The Edge of Love, I would imagine.  Atonement - and one of my very favorite of her looks - clothes and make-up.  Great dress - I think Chanel, and she's got spangle things in her hair.
The one on the right, I think, was taken after a performance of The Misanthrope.  I can't believe I spelled that right. 
I'm sorry they're photographed so often - I feel bad posting paparazzi pictures.  But...
A top, top favorite.  Super cool.  And love the bag on the right.  All of it on the right, actually.
Some other favorites.  Top ten for sure. 
I wish I could convince myself that a pair of sailor pants would suit me. 
And perhaps my absolute favorite:
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME dress.  I mean, gosh. 

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